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How Many Words Should A Personal Statement Be

What to write about in your personal statement. You. You’re telling admissions staff why you’re suitable to study at their university or college. It’s important to remember you can only write one personal statement – it’s the same for each course you apply for. So, avoid mentioning any universities or colleges by name.

  • The general rules on UCAS specify that your personal statement for university should be 4000 characters, including spaces and punctuation, and no more than 47 lines. UCAS also recommends drafting and amending your personal statement on a Microsoft Word document instead of on the website to prevent errors and combat the time limits on the web page.

  • How long should a college personal statement essay be? 1 page ideally—600/650 words. Trust me. We don't want to read anymore than we have to. And one page is just better psychologically. Twain: I wrote you a long letter because I didn't have time to.

  • Include in the personal statement Very little! Be concise. 150 words maximum. “Lengthy blocks of text are a turn off when you have a huge stack of CVs to get through” adds McGuire. Skills that are specific to the job. A good example would be ‘skilled in taking client briefs and presenting findings to stakeholders’.


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